Prints and Drawings

I hardly do either prints or drawings but I wanted to feature at least selection of my earlier work and experiments on this website.

I enjoy printmaking but oil in a medium that truly inspires me and gives me more freedom for exploration. I might do more prints in the future… when I retire or get bloody rich.

With drawing it’s a bit different story. I don’t draw unless I’m forced to it. I don’t enjoy it and it doesn’t bring anything new into my art so I’m staying away from drawing as much as I can. I’m aware that it’s good for practice but I started with drawing and it was my sole medium for many years. I think it’s time to start doing what I really enjoy and leave the unenjoyable part of art-making behind.

All my prints are for sale. All ‘Birds of Paradise’ are hand colored and there is only one original of each color. I don’t like doing big number of prints as it destroys the feeling of the being unique and rare.